Mindfulness for managers

This workshop is for managers who would like an introduction to how mindfulness can help them in their work. Our approach draws on yoga, Jacobson progressive relaxation techniques, and mindfulness of breath and body to help participants be more deeply connected to the present moment. Increased awareness can help us communicate better, with increased patience, […]

Stop hating, start asking

Once upon a time there was an ideal agile team who through self-organization provided ideal products to its clients. And thanks to that the clients lived happily ever after… You don’t believe it? You’re absolutely right because ideal teams do not exist! Nevertheless, we can build teams full of passion and commitment, who together with […]

Recruitment process – being on both sides

I can hear a lot of complaints about recruitment process. About recruiters who have no idea about position they recruit for or stupid questions they ask. Knowing how this process works could be a great value when you are part of self-organising team or you plan to apply for a job. I want to share […]

Team values

What are team values? Why are they so important? What do they support? How to lead a workshop that would result in establishing common team values? During this workshop you will practise all exercises that are sufficient to provide the same workshop by yourselves! The workshop will be conducted in Polish.

Playing Lean

Learn, experiment, win Put yourself in the shoes of a startup founder. Develop your company, build your product. Fight for the client trying to meet their expectations. Experiment to know the market. Will you manage to win the client and sell your product before others? Remember, the competition never sleeps – will you take up […]

Daily Scrum Game & Self-organisation by example

Daily Scrum Game Daily Scrum – 15 minutes, plan a day – a totally straightforward meeting. Or is it? Have you seen teams struggle to understand the true purpose of Daily Scrum? Have you seen it turning into regular status updates? Or maybe Product Owners delegating tasks for the day? “Daily Scrum Game” was invented […]

Evidence Based Management

Do you like being in control? I love it, so I have two choices – constantly make sure that people are working or continuously check the outcome. I prefer the second approach. Evidence Based Management is an example of how to do that without stalking your employees. EBM contains 11 metrics that let you observe […]

Team conflict

In groups of people working together sooner or later conflicts occur. Some of them are valuable and desirable, others destructive which need to be solved. During the workshop we will create classification of conflicts and consider how to deal with them. We will examine the known strategies and methods for conflict management and facilitation, and […]

Scrum Lego Game

Learn Scrum by practice. Become one of the developers creating the product together. Discover the client’s needs, estimate and plan your work, and finally do it – create the product. Will you satisfy all the requirements set by the Product Owner? Will you handle the time pressure? Will your product provide business value? How to […]