Recruitment process – being on both sides

I can hear a lot of complaints about recruitment process. About recruiters who have no idea about position they recruit for or stupid questions they ask. Knowing how this process works could be a great value when you are part of self-organising team or you plan to apply for a job.

I want to share with you how recruitment process looks like from recruiter’s point of view. What is hidden behind stupid questions and how to answer them cleverly. We will also learn how to build and how to read recruitment ads and how to build and respond to recruitment profile.

This experience might be useful when you decide to support your HR in effective recruitment for your team or when you apply for a job.

The workshop will be conducted in Polish.

Business Owners Managers Product Owners / Product Managers Scrum Masters / Agile Coaches
Location: Workshop room C Date: June 3, 2017 Time: 09:00 - 12:00 Bożena Andrzejak