Behavior Driven Development

BDD – the magical three-letter abbreviation which gains popularity with developers and testers. According to the author of this methodology, Dan North, Behaviour Driven Development consists in software creation and description of its behaviour from the end user perspective. It emphasizes the understanding of client’s needs and language in which they describe how the software should work. BDD is a technique for software development but it may be (and should be) seen as a proper agile methodology which can support requirement analysis, and we will focus on this aspect in our workshop. We will learn how to create living documentation – user scenarios with appropriate acceptance criteria – which constitutes the basis for new functionality providing business value. This workshop is for everyone who wants to learn more about BDD technique.

The workshop will be conducted in Polish.

Developers Product Owners / Product Managers Quality Engineers Scrum Masters / Agile Coaches
Location: Workshop room A Date: June 3, 2017 Time: 13:00 - 16:00 Dawid Pacia Tomek Janiszewski