Open Space Technology

For the second time we invite you to Unconf devoted to Agile. Unconf is a unique opportunity to meet people interested in Agile methods of working. But what does Agile mean? What does it involve? Do we need to follow rigid frameworks and principles or can we adjust them a little to the needs of our company?

We have observed that the more companies use “Agile”, the more hated Agile becomes. Is it related to too strict approach to Agile tools or maybe too flexible use of them? What if changes are not implemented well in the company? And who is responsible for this?

To these and other questions there are as many answers as many individual cases occur. That’s why you should come to Unconf2017. There are no right answers but there are definitely a lot of interesting, inspiring and unexpected stories. Let’s talk about Agile not as a magical wand but as a sharp chisel to sculpt organizations around to be more people-friendly environments.

Unconf is an unusual approach to the concept of conference. You won’t find here standard speakers’ speeches after which participants have a few minutes for questions. We aim at making Unconf as agile as possible and responding to the needs of its participants. That’s why we give you space and the chance to submit your own topics for discussion. We act in line with Open Space Technology where participants are co-creators of the conference. To bring maximum value to our discussions, we invite special guests with practical experience in Agile to help us resolve issues raised by you and analyse our second thoughts. Everybody can be an Unconf participant – both people with many years of Agile experience as well as those beginning their adventure with Agile methodologies.

Location: OST room Date: June 2, 2017 Time: 09:45 - 17:00 Karolina Iwa